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What happens to these orphans?
The lucky ones are taken in by extended family or friends. For the rest, the options can be frightening. Many end up on the streets living a beggar's existence. Others find themselves caught up in the global sex-trade or as slaves. Foster care is a wonderful option for many of these parent less children, but there are simply too many kids and not enough loving homes. Orphanages or group homes exist in all manner and form. Some are wonderfully run, loving places; others offer nothing more than an environment of physical, mental or sexual abuse. A visit to these places will find the children to be malnourished and simply hanging on to a bitter and unimaginably dreary life.

The AIDS epidemic has simply decimated many sub-Saharan countries and other areas. Worldwide estimates of the number of children orphaned due to the AIDS crisis puts the number between 14 and 18 million.

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